Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we meet people where they are at, including our clients. From short-term consultations, to skills-training workshops to end-to-end project support, we tailor to fit your organization’s needs.

Specialized services rooted in accessibility and inclusivity

We saw the need for more specialized service offerings in the mental health and substance use space. Services that are rooted in being accessible and inclusive for all organizations, big or small. Here is how we’ve responded:

Content Experts

Our consultants are experts in the areas of mental health, substance use, Indigenous health and wellness, gender, sexual health, and infectious disease. With a breadth of skills and experiences, we are able to put together teams that promise community-centred, evidence-informed, collaborative approaches for our clients.

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Flexible and Comprehensive Services

We offer a broad range of high-quality services to respond to our clients’ unique and evolving needs. We work at all stages of a project’s life cycle from literature reviews to program development and evaluation to sharing findings and results with the broader community.

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Expansive Research Support

At Changemark, we believe research has the power to uncover life-changing treatments and interventions. Our strong network of research experts enables us to plan and oversee cutting edge research including psychedelics, mobile health interventions, and safe alternatives to illicit drugs.

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Sliding Scale Rates

We are committed to offering affordable and equitable access to services. That’s why we offer sliding scale rates. We encourage non-profit and smaller organizations to contact us regardless of budget.

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our process

Working together to ensure clients' projects run smoothly from start to finish