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We work alongside government, non-profits, public and private sector organizations and select for-profit agencies to drive change for the mental health and substance use sector. Together, we are transforming the way we support each other and our communities.

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Fraser Health Authority ER Qualitative Research Project

This project involved conducting qualitative interviews for a study examining attitudes and experiences of emergency room personnel (intake, nurses) around patients with substance use and mental health challenges. The final report was produced for the Fraser Health leadership team.

Multi-Centre Trial for Prescription Opioid Use Disorder

Working with the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM), we managed a multi-centre phase IV randomized control trial for prescription opioid use disorder. In addition we oversee and manage a national data sharing platform.

Evaluation of Kilala Lelum's Decolonizing Model of Care

Working in partnership with team members at Kilala Lelum Urban Indigenous Health and Healing Cooperative, we are evaluating a decolonizing model of care that includes an opioid agonist treatment program.

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BCIT’s Career Exploration and Post-Secondary Transition Program for Indigenous Learners

In partnership with department leaders of Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), we worked on developing a career exploration and post-secondary transition program for Indigenous learners across British Columbia.

Protocol Development for Clinical Trial for Stimulant Use Disorder

We developed a research protocol for the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University for a phase II randomized controlled trial for a pharmaceutical treatment for stimulant use disorder.

Management of a Multi-Centre Trial on a Behavioural Intervention for Depression

Working closely with the local mental health association we offered coordination and oversight of a behavioural intervention used in primary care for patients with mild to moderate depression.

Group Facilitation and Knowledge Translation for Depression and Suicidality Study

Coordination of a study examining depression and suicidality in fathers who did not have custodial rights to their children. In addition, facilitation and coordination of knowledge exchange sessions for fathers and investigative team.

Literature Review of Models of Care for Youth & Families

This literature for BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, reporting on services and models of care in British Columbia for youth and families seeking substance use services and treatment.

Protocol Development for CHUM’s Clinical Trials for Cannabis Use Disorder

We developed protocols for two clinical trials for cannabis use at the Centre de Recherche – Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CR-CHUM), Unité derecherche en psuchiatrie des toxiconmanie:  

1) Cannabinoid replacement for adults with psychosis and cannabis use disorder. 
2) Modulation of THC’s effects by cannabidiol (CBD) at different THC/CBD 1:1 ratio doses in occasional users.

Management of CHUM’s Behavioural Trials Using e-interventions for Youth

We work with the Centre de Recherche – Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CR-CHUM), Unité de recherche enpsuchiatrie des toxiconmanie to oversee two multi-centre behavioural trials that are piloting mobile health interventions for youth who have been diagnosed with psychosis and use cannabis.

Vancouver Community
College’s Aboriginal Services Plan

Working in partnership with Vancouver Community College, Indigenous Education and Community Engagement, we helped develop the Aboriginal Services plan which advances institutional efforts toward indigenization and helps to create culturally safe spaces on campus for Indigenous learners.

Mixed Methods Study on Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment

Qualitative data analysis and report generation from a mixed methods study related to participants’ experience receiving injectable opioid agonist treatment (iOAT).

Knowledge Translation & Program Evaluation for Trial on Prescription Opioid Use Disorder

Development of a strategic knowledge translation plan, community engagement strategy, and program evaluation framework to support uptake of CRISM research findings in community and clinical settings.

Review of On-the-Land/Water Programming for Indigenous Youth

Development of a summary of existing research supporting the rationale for developing, implementing, funding, and otherwise supporting on-the-land/water programming for Indigenous youth/emerging leaders.

Program Evaluation Tools and Training for Entrepreneurship Program

Employ to Empower is a non-profit that empowers individuals who face work and social barriers through entrepreneurship and self-advocacy opportunities. After developing their program evaluation framework, they sought support from Changemark to help bring it to life.  

In response, we designed data collection tools, annual reporting templates, and hosted a virtual training session for program managers to support seamless integration of evaluation activities into the organization’s everyday programming.

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Drug Checking Implementation Guide

Editing and writing support for an implementation guide for a provincial drug checking program in British Columbia.

Mixed Methods Study on Safe Prescribing of Opioids

Biostatistical support on analysis of provincial health administration data for a mixed method randomized control trial that aims to reduce unsafe prescribing of prescription opioid medications to opioid naive patients.

Phase II Trial on a Pharmaceutical Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

Project management and regulatory support for Phase II, randomized, placebo-controlled trial evaluating effectiveness of prescribed stimulants for the treatment of methamphetamine use disorder in 5 Canadian provinces.

Clinical Protocol Development for Safe Supply of Opioids

Medical writing support for the development of clinical care protocols for safer pharmaceutical alternatives for opioid use disorder.

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Qualitative analysis services and report generation for open-ended text responses from the "Naloxone Saves Lives. Get Trained. Get a Kit." campaign survey.


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