Helen Kang, PhD (she/her)

Medical/Grant Writing and Clinical Guidelines

Tsawwassen, BC

Helen is a medical/grant writer and clinical guideline consultant living as an uninvited guest on the traditional ancestral territories of the scəw̓aθən məsteyəxʷ (Tsawwassen) First Nation.

Helen has over a decade of experience in health care knowledge translation. With particular emphasis on equity, decolonization, and harm reduction, she works with clinicians and health care professionals to develop clinical principles and procedures, operational guidance, and educational materials. Helen also works with academic and clinical researchers (in fields such as general surgery, nephrology, and substance use) to support grant applications in health research and innovation.

Helen has led, contributed to, and consulted on over a dozen clinical and operational guidelines on various topics in substance use and mental health, perinatal care, HIV/AIDS, and major injuries (i.e., trauma medicine). Guideline development requires a balance of high-quality evidence, best practices, and expert consensus, as well as a deep understanding of the intended audience, existing opportunities, and gaps in care. Helen works closely with content and systems experts to develop recommendations and procedures that are meaningful and relevant to local contexts while grounded in evidence and accepted regional, national, and international standards.

Helen sees herself as a collaborator, using her skills in writing and editing to help health care providers, administrators, and researchers solve problems and create new possibilities in health care.

Services offered:

  • Medical writing
  • Grant writing
  • Editing
  • Consultation regarding development, methodology, andcontent of evidence-based or evidence-informed clinical care guidelines andclinician education materials